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SUBJECT: Sunrise FFO - November Digest

Happy kids of all stripes
Sunrise FFO Digest - November 2023
Welcome to the FFO!

Welcome to the Sunrise Drive FFO! Every single Sunrise Drive family is automatically a member of the Family Faculty Organization. We meet monthly to raise funds for school activities and support our amazing Sunrise teachers and staff. You are invited to attend our next meeting. Please read below to find out key dates, times, and activities!

President's Intro

We have lots of information to share about the many events going on in our organization in the upcoming weeks. Be sure to check out the calendar below! Also, we are always looking for volunteers. Please take a look at the Volunteers Section to see if there's anything you can do to help.


We have the following open positions for our General Chairs:

  • Yearbook

Events & Programs

Thanksgiving Celebrations

Please consider bringing a side dish, dessert or beverage to feed our Rockin’ Sunrise Staff!

School Garden

Please come view our incredible garden. Every student is welcome to participate, visit and/or learn. 

Volunteer Opportunities

We love our volunteers and appreciate any amount of time you are able to give. Short on time? We also have opportunities for items to be donated to various events. To see a list of our current volunteer opportunities, please email Fatima Goodall

Thank you,

Jill Golisch Greene- PRESIDENT

“Not in time, place or circumstances, but in the man lies success…” ~Charles Rouss

Staff Thanksgiving Potluck Lunch

SUNRISE Families!

It is that time of the year to give thanks to our wonderful staff by providing a Thanksgiving lunch to all 71 sunrise staff members on Tuesday 11/21 from 11 am .

The sunrise FFO will be donating the turkeys and hams but need your help with sides, desserts, drinks , utensils etc. Please sign up on what you can bring (store bought or homemade)  by Friday 11/17 and be ready to drop off by either Monday 11/20 and the morning 11/21.

CASH donations(no checks please) more than welcome !!!!! Drop them off by 11/17 at the front desk with Melissa. Thank You for your donations and all you do . We can't do this without your support.

Let's show our staff how Thankful we are for them!!! 

Please click below:

SignUp Link


Consider joining us on FaceBook SUNRISE DRIVE FFO for smiles and giggles! You may even recognize your child! 


Please remind your children to check Lost and found. There are many water bottles, lunch boxes and jackets. All unclaimed items will be donated at the end of November. Please remember to label items with your child’s name.We will try our best to return labeled


Please come join us for our FFO Meeting this Friday, November 17th at 8:15AM in the Library. Stay in the know and hear about what is going at our AMAZING school. We will hear the Principal report from our one and only, Mrs. Davidson, as well as other events happening to give our children the best experience and opportunities here at Sunrise. 

VP Communications (Social Media) AND 2023 Picnic & Play Chair
    • What is your name? Shannon Marchal
    • Position in FFO? VP Communications (Social Media) and 2023 Picnic and Play Chair
    • Who is/are your kid/kids and grades? I have three great kids! My oldest is a freshman at Salpointe, I have a 5th grader at Orange Grove, and my youngest is in 2nd grade at Sunrise Drive.
    • Where were you born? I am originally from the East Coast, and was born and raised in South Jersey.
    • What is your occupation? I am currently CEO of my house!! Prior to taking some time off to be more available for my family, I was a special education teacher at Sunrise Drive and loved it!
    • What do you like to do for fun? I love to travel 
    • What’s your favorite restaurant? I love so many types of food, and there are a lot of great local restaurants in town, King Fisher is one of my favorites.
    • What do you love about Sunrise? I love the strong community at Sunrise. Everyone supports one another and is committed to the “Spirit of Sunrise”
    • Why did you join FFO? I knew after I stopped working at Sunrise that I still wanted to be engaged as much as possible with the students, staff, and families .
    • Where is one destination place you would love to go? Greece is on my bucket list.
    • What is one fun fact about you that you can share? I love 
  • What is your name? Aly Nevarez
  • Position in FFO? VP Communications- I do the monthly digest
  • Who is/are your kid/kids and grades? Jacoby (6th Grade @ Orange Grove), Austin (4th) and Sophia (2nd) 
  • Where were you born? Born and Raised in Tucson. Graduated from Salpointe and graduated college from NAU. 
  • What is your occupation? Was a teacher years ago, Multi-tasker at the Nevarez Casita, and Realtor 
  • What do you like to do for fun? I love to stay home and watch movies with the family or hang out and shop.
  • What’s your favorite restaurant? Currently, my go-to is Flower Child  or a good poke bowl
  • What do you love about Sunrise? From the start, everyone is so friendly and always wanting to help. Mrs. Davidson and all the staff make school a fun place to be where I feel the kids can learn not only curriculum but how to be amazing people in our community. 
  • Why did you join FFO? I've always been involved in school settings so I wanted to continue, even though I am not in the classroom. Not knowing how the FFO worked, I was greeted with a smile and included from the start. I always want to support our staff and children. Plus, meeting all the amazing families is a bonus! 
  • Where is one destination place you would love to go? I've always wanted to go to Ireland and meet family. 
  • What is one fun fact about you that you can share? I am very competitive when it comes to sports.

A special Thanks to the Williams Family for their continued kindness and generosity who have donated their winning parking spot back to the FFO from the silent auction. Starting now and throughout the month of November donate ANY amount to the Spirit of Sunrise and automatically be entered to win the parking spot for the entire month of December.

Donate today, skip the parent pick up tomorrow!!

*The parking spot is located in the teacher parking lot!*



Spiders and Cider 2023 was a HUGE Success and we wanted to shout out a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped make this event happen! 

To our Volunteers- 

FFO Volunteers: YOU know who you are- We are so grateful for your help bringing the event to life! 

Spiders Committee: Months of planning and preparing- We could not have done it all without your support!

Fatima Bravo

Karla Smith

Sarah Tolar

Jill Greene

Ai Leen Chong

Rebecca White 

Danielle Lowrie

Night of Volunteers: 

BTC- Boys teams Charity, CFSD Students, and Chi Omega U of A Sorority 

Ms. Davidson, Melissa Everly,  Sunrise Teachers, and Staff: Your support is always amazing! Thank you!

To our Sponsors: 

Southwest Grounds 


Desert Metal Recycling 

Dr. Jaw

Mesquite Dental

No Anchovies Pizza 

Donors:Thank you for the generous treat and candy donations  

With Sincere Gratitude, 

Valerie Menke and Alissa Mckaig

Spiders and Cider Co-Chairs 

A very ENORMOUS THANK YOU to all Sunrise families that donated towards our Spiders & Cider raffle baskets!! You made this event even more special.

**Many Thanks to the following for also donating to our raffle and silent auction**

***We would especially like to thank Valerie Menke and Alissa Mckaig for all their time and hard work on Spiders & Cider! 



October Approved Grants:

- $349 General Grant for Parking Lot Season Decorations

- $228 General Grant for Choir Candles

- $205 General Grant for Classroom Supplies (Bulletin Boards)

Sunrise Garden News!

This month, we are harvesting peppers, herbs, green beans, tomatoes, kale, lettuce, and bok choy! Students are learning about intercropping (grouping different crops in each area of the garden to maximize yield, support soil microbes, and avoid pest infestations). Young gardeners are also becoming aware of the term agroforestry, as we cultivate some additional trees in the garden that synchronize well with the crops we are growing. You might notice our finch feeders when you visit the Sunrise garden, which is a part of our integrated insect management lessons (the finches have made quick work of the aphids in the green veggie crops). 

This month, we are planting moringa trees, adding more hanging baskets, and developing a moon garden - which consists of plants with white flowers to support our nighttime pollinators, such as moths & bats. We are also learning about seed saving as flowers and summer crops begin to develop mature seeds and dry up. Students have fun titling their seed packets with creative seed names! 

As we enjoy watching the beautiful mission figs ripen and smelling/tasting different varieties of mint: peppermint, apple mint, and spearmint, we are reminded that it’s good to live in Arizona where we can garden all year long, and it’s always good to be at Sunrise! 

For more information about garden activities or to volunteer for Garden Club on Tuesdays from 11-1, email or text Nkechi, our FFO Garden Coordinator: (509)879-7639 


FFO Positions needed for 2023-2024!




Have you tried out the BoxTops app? 

Have you sent info about the app to your family out of state? (YES!! They can help Sunrise too!) 


Download the app and scan all receipts to help accumulate box top cash for Sunrise. 



Follow these simple steps for Sunrise Box Tops:

Step 1) Download BoxTops for Education app

Step 2) Setup Profile & Add Sunrise Drive Elementary in Tucson as your school.

Step 3) Shop & scan your receipts to accumulate box top cash for Sunrise!


Instacart or online shopper? No problem! Just screenshot your digital receipt, go to “Contact Us” on app, and select “Submit Digital Receipt.” Then upload the screenshot(s) of your receipt. 


Thanks for helping Sunrise earn BoxTops cash! 


  • Nov 15: School Picture Retakes
  • Nov 17:FFO MEETING 8:15am in Sunrise Library (ALL PARENTS WELCOME)
  • Dec 1: FFO Executive Board Meeting @ 8:15am
  • Dec 4: Dine Out- Vero Amore Date Night
  • Dec. 8: Choir Concert
  • Dec 25-Jan 5: Winter Break (NO SCHOOL)

Helpful FFO Links
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