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Originally delivered on 12/3/2023 1:02 pm

SUBJECT: Sunrise FFO -December Digest

Happy kids of all stripes
Sunrise FFO Digest - December 2023
Welcome to the FFO!

Welcome to the Sunrise Drive FFO! Every single Sunrise Drive family is automatically a member of the Family Faculty Organization. We meet monthly to raise funds for school activities and support our amazing Sunrise teachers and staff. You are invited to attend our next meeting. Please read below to find out key dates, times, and activities!


Anyone attending the FFO's Dine Out Night Monday at Vero Amore? Or do you just need a date night with your special someone?


We will be opening our CARE program doors from 6-9pm on Monday, December 4th, for your Sunrise Drive student!

Our staff will have a variety of fun activities & a pizza dinner from 6-9pm for students to enjoy! Get online today at CFSD Community Link. You don't have to be registered in our CARE program to attend.
For Grades K-5.

We look forward to a fun night with your student!




The staff had a beautiful lunch thanks to your help! The beautiful decorations by the students and delicious food to show much we are grateful for all the hard work our amazing staff does for us! We are truly THANKFUL for you all!

*Special thanks to Camille for all her hard work! 


Consider joining us on FaceBook SUNRISE DRIVE FFO for smiles and giggles! You may even recognize your child! 


Please remind your children to check lost and found. Parents remember to label all items with your child’s name. We will try our best to return labeled items. Over the course of the month, we collect hundreds of items that don't have names on them and go unclaimed. The ones that do have names, we go to great efforts to return them. On the last day of every month, all the untraceable and unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

  • What is your name? Fatima Goodall
  • Position in FFO? Volunteer Coordinator, Parking Lot Coordinator
  • Who is/are your kid/kids and grades? Alistair Goodall, 3rd Grade & Isabella Goodall 8th Grade
  • Where were you born? In a little town called Springs, South Africa 
  • What is your occupation? Currently a stay-at-home mom
  • What do you like to do for fun?  I knit and bake 
  • What’s your favorite restaurant? Trattoria Pina
  • What do you love about Sunrise? When we arrive in Tucson from South Africa, we had no clue about how the schooling system worked. All we knew was this was rated the best school district in Arizona…. Armed with that information we made sure we got a place in the area (we knew nothing about how to register for a school year but knew that the school had to accept the kids if we stayed in the area). Brenda guided us through the process with much patience, Mrs. Pennington walked into the office heard our story and told Brenda to place our 2nd Grader in her class. From that moment on Sunrise had a place in our hearts and always will.
  • Why did you join FFO? I’d say Jill made me do it – but she asked and I was looking for something to do with my spare time….
  • Where is one destination place you would love to go?  To the little island of Madeira, where my mother was born
  • What is one fun fact about you that you can share? I speak 3 languages
    • Position in FFO? Staff Appreciation committee 
    • Who is/are your kid/kids and grades? Xoari 3rd grade/Nies
    • Where were you born? In the beautiful island of Puerto Rico ( so I’m fluent in Rican Spanish)
    • What is your occupation? Physician
    • What do you like to do for fun? Golf and travel the world
    • What’s your favorite restaurant? We are still new to Tucson and trying as many restaurants as we can (we love all cuisines)so far can’t go wrong with Piazza Gavi when craving Italian .
    • What do you love about Sunrise? As a brand new family to the school this year and to Tucson it was a big move for our family. All the staff has been wonderful to us and our daughter. They have made the transition easy and so welcoming .She already feels like she has been part of the school for a long time.I am in awe at the amazing group of families we have in our school willing to help and be part of our amazing FFO activities.
    • Why did you join FFO? A couple of years ago I started working with our daughters school more closely , I really enjoyed being in their PTA at the time so wanted to continue at Sunrise. To my happy surprise there is so much I can be involved with at our school and our FFO . It’s an amazing group of people . And as I’m finding out with the fun activities with staff appreciation, our families are involved and so giving.
    • Where is one destination place you would love to go? Still have to make it to France and China ( among others) but we travelled quite a bit before our daughter was born and now that she is grown up I would like to take her to some of our favorite places like Vietnam and Spain.
    • What is one fun fact about you that you can share? I love going alone to early Sunday matinee SCARY movies , it’s my relaxing mommy time.

Donate ANY amount to the Spirit of Sunrise in the month of December and automatically be entered to win the parking spot for the entire month of January. 

Donate today, skip the parent pick up tomorrow!!

*Reserved parking spot is located in the teacher parking lot!*

Donations will be accepted for the drawing until 1/5/24. 

 Spirit of Sunrise 

Our Blue Ribbon Shirts are in! Purchase yours today!

Get your shirt before our Fun & Games Blue Ribbon Celebration on January 12th, 2024 from 5:30p to 7p. 

Buy your shirt at MTK now: ORDER HERE

Sunrise Garden News!
Students picked lovely bouquets of flowers from the garden for holiday centerpieces on Tuesday before our break.

This month, we are harvesting kale, lettuce, swiss chard, spinach, green onions, basil, eggplant, flowers and radishes! Students are learning about the difference between monocots and eudicots and experiencing how summer vegetables (fruit/seed) are different from winter vegetables (leaves/roots). 

This month, we are planting radishes, peas, and onions as we save the seeds from summer crops like okra, for next year’s planting. Students are also practicing wise water use and learning about weeding and mulching and have “graduated” all the largest composting worms from their vermihut “school” to the garden beds, where they will stay warmer during the cold months. 

We have a very special new addition to our fruit tree collection, a dwarf kumquat, which was generously donated by Fatima Bravo & family! THANK YOU for such a special gift to the Sunrise Garden! 

Finally, a huge hug of gratitude goes to our Principal, Andrea Davidson, for her help procuring a beautiful shade structure that is now installed in the front area of the garden. Students can now shelter from the hot sun in the late spring and early fall when we hold Garden Club on triple-digit days! 

We love to see parent & grandparent volunteers join us for Garden Club on Tuesdays from 11-1. Thank you to Samira, Rose, & Elik for sharing your time with us this year! If you’d like to volunteer (no gardening experience necessary - we can always use help organizing supplies, keeping small hands safe with tools, and handing out stickers!), email or text Nkechi, our FFO Garden Coordinator: (509)879-7639

From left to right: dwarf kumquat tree, vermihut composting, new shade structure, joy of smelling a leaf.

FFO Positions needed for 2023-2024!




Have you tried out the BoxTops app? 

Have you sent info about the app to your family out of state? (YES!! They can help Sunrise too!) 


Download the app and scan all receipts to help accumulate box top cash for Sunrise. 



Follow these simple steps for Sunrise Box Tops:

Step 1) Download BoxTops for Education app

Step 2) Setup Profile & Add Sunrise Drive Elementary in Tucson as your school.

Step 3) Shop & scan your receipts to accumulate box top cash for Sunrise!


Instacart or online shopper? No problem! Just screenshot your digital receipt, go to “Contact Us” on app, and select “Submit Digital Receipt.” Then upload the screenshot(s) of your receipt. 


Thanks for helping Sunrise earn BoxTops cash! 


  • Dec 4: Dine Out- Vero Amore Date Night
  • Dec. 8: Choir Concert
  • Dec 25-Jan 5: Winter Break (NO SCHOOL)
  • Jan 8: 1st day back to school
  • Jan 12: Exec FFO Board Meeting
  • Jan 15: Civil Rights Day (NO SCHOOL)
  • Jan 19: 4th Grade's Principal's Breakfast @7am-7:30am
  • Jan 19: FFO Meeting @ 8:15am (ALL PARENTS WELCOME)
  • Jan 26: Science Fair Digital Projects Submitted 
  • Jan 26-30: Science Fair Judging 
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