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SUBJECT: Sunrise FFO - January Digest

Happy kids of all stripes
Sunrise FFO Digest - January 2024
Welcome to the FFO!

Welcome to the Sunrise Drive FFO! Every single Sunrise Drive family is automatically a member of the Family Faculty Organization. We meet monthly to raise funds for school activities and support our amazing Sunrise teachers and staff. You are invited to attend our next meeting. Please read below to find out key dates, times, and activities!

President's Intro

We have lots of information to share about the many events going on in our Sunrise Drive Family Faculty Organization in the upcoming weeks. Be sure to check out the calendar below! Also, we are always looking for volunteers. Please take a look at the Volunteers Section to see if there's anything you can do to help.

Jill Golisch Greene- PRESIDENT

“The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.” ~RALPH WALDO EMERSON


Please come join us for our FFO Meeting this Friday, January 19th at 8:15AM in the Library. Stay in the know and hear about what is going at our AMAZING school. We will hear the Principal report from our one and only, Mrs. Davidson, as well as other events happening to give our children the best experience and opportunities here at Sunrise. 

Assistant Principal/ Special Education Teacher
  • What is your name? Carmela Zega
  • Position in FFO/School? School Administrator
  • Who is/are your kid/kids and grades? 
    Alexandra-sophomore in college
  • Nicholas-CFHS senior
  • Where were you born? New Jersey
  • What is your occupation? Assistant Principal and Special Education Teacher
  • What do you like to do for fun? puzzle, read, spend time with family and friends
  • What’s your favorite restaurant? Firebirds
  • What do you love about Sunrise? The Sunrise community is special.  Students, staff and families work together to create an evironment that provides not only an education but also a sense of belonging for students. It is a safe space to learn.
  • Where is one destination place you would love to go? I'd love to go back to Italy and explore Tuscany.
  • What is one fun fact about you that you can share? I am a first generation Italian-American. I am also the first in my family to earn both a Bachelor's and Master's Degrees.  I went to both ASU and UofA, so I am both a Sun Devil AND a Wildcat!
FFO Chinese Immersion Exec, Spring Chinese Festival Chair, and Principal Breakfast Chair
  • What is your name? Catherine Welton 
  • Position in FFO? Mother, FFO Chinese Immersion Exec, Spring Chinese Festival Chair, and Principal Breakfast Chair 
  • Who are your kids: Nicholas (3rd Grade Immersion) and Alexander (1st Grade Immersion)
  • Where were you born? I was born in Waterloo, Iowa.
  • What is your occupation? I have a degree in Law but am currently at home.  
  • What do you like to do for fun? For fun I like to read books, play tennis, Pilates, and spend time with family and friends. 
  • What is your favorite restaurants? Some of our favorite restaurants include Gavi, Jun Dynasty and Firebirds.
  • What do you love about Sunrise? I love the community at Sunrise, it is a friendly and inviting place for students and families. 
  • Why did you join FFO? I joined the FFO because I want to be more involved with my boys' school and the FFO members are a wonderful group of parents. 
  • Where is one destination place you would love to go? My family and I want to travel through Greece.

Happy New Year Sunrise families! This year together with our Chinese New Year celebrations we want to treat our staff with a Chinese Themed Potluck. For that we will need your amazing donations once more. Homemade or store bought, all welcomed. We will do the potluck on Thursday February 8th. More information and sign up to come.

As always your Sunrise FFO and Staff thanks you for your support.

Spring Chinese Festival 2024

Year of the Dragon

February 9, 5-7 PM Sunrise Campus

Our annual Spring Chinese Festival is right around the corner. 

Please celebrate the Year of the Dragon with us on Friday, February 9 from 5-7 PM.  There will be student performances, food trucks, games and activities, a photo booth and face painter.  This is a very enjoyable event for students and families. Hope to see you there! 

In order to make this event fun and memorable for all Sunrise families, we are offering the opportunity for your family or business to support this fun community event! All sponsorships will fund all the event activities and our Sunrise Drive FFO community. 

$300 Sponsorship includes:

-Banner with business logo

-recognition on social media and FFO digest

If interested please contact Catherine Weldon at 

Mathathon is Coming!

What: Mathathon is a huge fundraiser for Sunrise with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the school.

When: February 1 is the Kick-off. Please see the timeline below.

Why:  Sunrise Drive FFO raises tens of thousands of dollars for field trips, artists-in-residence, Community Garden, 5th grade legacy project and dozens of other campus programs through Mathathon. Our families achieve this while students have fun studying math — it’s a true win/win for Sunrise and students!

How: Students get pledges from family and friends for either (a) each math problem answered correctly on the Test Day (March 12), or (b) a flat amount.

  • February 1: Mathathon packet with pledge instructions will be sent home.

  • February 1 to March 11: Use test from take-home packet for practice - the more practice the better!

  • March 11: All “per problem pledges” must be received. Flat pledges can still be made after this date.

  • March 12: Test day! Remember, math is fun! 

  • April 2: All pledges must be completed online. Any money paid after this date will not be included in the calculation of prizes (though, of course, it will be accepted).

EVERY participating student will take home a prize, regardless of the amount they raise. Our goal is 100% participation. 

Let’s set a new record, Sunrise!


- Tracy Rea, Mathathon Coordinator


Rodeo Lunch and Dancing 

Wednesday, February 21 at lunch and recess

You are invited to join us for our annual fun Rodeo Lunch with dancing led by Ms. Dover on Wednesday, February 21st.  Students and families may bring lunch from home or purchase lunch. The student lunch menu will be a hamburger, carrots, fruit, chips and milk. The parent/non-student lunch will include a hamburger, carrots, fruit, chips and water.

Only student lunches will be sold on the day of the event with students scanning their lunch cards to purchase the meal. The cost for Sunrise Drive K-5 students is $3.25 which needs to be paid through their student account on the InTouch system online. 

All adult and non-student lunches need to be preordered. Adults and non-student lunches may be purchased for $5.00 which includes water or, if you don’t need lunch, water may be purchased for $1.00 via the Sunrise FFO Membership Toolkit website. You may place your orders for adults and non-students through Tuesday, February 13th before 6:00 PM on the Sunrise Drive FFO website: 

Rodeo Lunch Order 

Log in or create an account if you haven't done so, scroll down and click on the "Rodeo Lunch Order Form" link. Tickets for adult and non-student lunches will be sent home in marked envelopes on Tuesday, February 20th with the oldest sibling in the family.

The times for eating and dancing/recess are listed below: 

We will be looking for volunteers at our Rodeo Lunch. Please consider volunteering when your child is not scheduled to eat or dance.  A sign-up genius will be available and shared shortly.


Throughout the month of January donate ANY amount to the Spirit of Sunrise and automatically be entered to win the parking spot for the entire month of February.

Donate today, skip the parent pick up tomorrow!!

*The parking spot is located in the teacher parking lot!*

*With all we do we appreciate all your donations and continued support! We couldn't do any of this (field trips, helping our teachers and staff) without you! 

OUR BLUE RIBBON SHIRTS ARE IN! Purchase yours today!

Buy your shirt at MTK now:

Sunrise Merch Store

You will need to log into MTK to make your purchase. Shirts will be delivered to your child to take home. 


 Approved Grants:

$800 grade level KINDER playground equipment

$725 grade level KINDER Little Mermaid Musical

$728 grade level 2nd field trip, Fox 🦊 theater Giraffes 🦒 Can’t Dance

$650 grade level 4th Camp Cooper

$1,644 5th grade level  Arizona Desert Museum Field Trip

$836 general Garden Supplies 

Sunrise Garden News!

Students loved harvesting brussel sprouts last week! Also pictured: herb harvesting & cochineal beetle examination. 

This month, we are harvesting kale, peas, brussel sprouts, collard greens, sweet potatoes, new red potatoes, bok choy, lettuce, turnips, carrots, beets, swiss chard, spinach, green onions, cilantro, herbs and radishes! Watch for those crops coming home in backpacks of students who participate in Garden Club activities. Students are learning about different families of plants, including the Asteraceae, Brassicaceae, Lamiaceae, and Apiaceae “plant families” currently growing in our garden. Knowing which plants are in the same family helps gardeners become familiar with the needs of the whole family of plants, rather than learning about plants one at a time. 

This month, we are planting radishes, beets, and carrots from seed, while we fertilize and maintain our flourishing winter crops. Students noticed after break that the frost killed the summer vegetables, while our frost-resilient winter crops were not bothered by the frost. This was a very direct lesson to observe, and a great opportunity to remove the summer plants like tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, replacing them with more cool weather seeds and starts. 

Thursday’s after school gardening class is over-capacity for enrollment this quarter, which shows that Sunrise students love spending time in our spacious garden!

If you would like to volunteer to help at Garden Club on Tuesdays from 11-1, email or text Ms. D at: & (509)879-7639

Kindergarteners study cochineal scales on prickly pear cactus & learn how the beetle that creates these scales is used to make red food dye.


Have you tried out the BoxTops app? 

Have you sent info about the app to your family out of state? (YES!! They can help Sunrise too!) 


Download the app and scan all receipts to help accumulate box top cash for Sunrise. 



Follow these simple steps for Sunrise Box Tops:

Step 1) Download BoxTops for Education app

Step 2) Setup Profile & Add Sunrise Drive Elementary in Tucson as your school.

Step 3) Shop & scan your receipts to accumulate box top cash for Sunrise!


Instacart or online shopper? No problem! Just screenshot your digital receipt, go to “Contact Us” on app, and select “Submit Digital Receipt.” Then upload the screenshot(s) of your receipt. 


Thanks for helping Sunrise earn BoxTops cash! 


Jan18: Not an Early Release Day

Jan 19: Principal’s Breakfast: 4th Grade (7am-7:30am)

Jan 19: FFO Meeting – 8:15am

Jan 25: Early Release

Jan 26: Science Fair- Digital Projects Submitted

Jan 26-30: Science Fair Judging


Feb 1: Mathathon Kickoff

Feb 1-2: Science Fair Judging (Continues)

Feb 1: Early Release

Feb 2: FFO Executive Board meets – 8:15 am

Feb 2: Mathathon Packets

Feb 8: Early Release

Feb 9: Spring Chinese Festival 5:00- 7:00 PM

(Chinese New Year 2/10)

Feb 15: ½ day- Grading

Feb 16: Principal’s Breakfast: 5th -7-7:30 AM

Feb 16: FFO Meeting – 8:15 am

Feb 21: Rodeo Lunch

Feb 22-23: Rodeo Break – No School

Feb 29: Early Release

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