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Originally delivered on 2/12/2024 10:19 am

SUBJECT: Sunrise FFO - February Digest

Happy kids of all stripes
Sunrise FFO Digest - February 2024
Welcome to the FFO!

Welcome to the Sunrise Drive FFO! Every single Sunrise Drive family is automatically a member of the Family Faculty Organization. We meet monthly to raise funds for school activities and support our amazing Sunrise teachers and staff. You are invited to attend our next meeting. Please read below to find out key dates, times, and activities!

President's Intro

* What a school! *  What a magical place! *What an event! *

I am full of thanks and gratitude to such a rocking school and community.

From the get-go, thank you so much to Camille Rivera, our Staff Appreciation Chair for coordinating such a delicious spread of food to support our Sunrise staff Thursday. Thank you to all of the families who donated their time and resources to support this snack themed lunch. Thank you to Elise McLamarrah, Karla Smith and Catherine Welton for setting up.

Later that day our Chinese Festival Chair, Catherine Welton decorated the school with Chinese New Year. Huge, huge thanks again to Lily Huang, Fatima Bravo, Ai Leen Chong and Judy Velasco who spent their Thursday afternoon blanketing our school with love and decorations. Finally, thank you to Ms. Zega, Ms. Flores, Ms. Chou, Ms. Dover and Ms. Taylor for hosting such a meaningful gathering for our students and their families. Thank you to Aly Nevarez, Elise McLamarrah, Fatima Bravo, Tyler LePeau, Bonnie Richert & Justin Richert for hosting our FFO tables. And finally, but not least, thank you so much to Fatima Bravo for gathering all the amazing raffle prizes. Thank you to Frank Latarola, Anne Ennessar, Tung Bui and students Kodi Latarola, Blue Ennessar, and David Bui. Thank you to our incredible sponsors!  An event to truly remember. 

Jill Golisch Greene- PRESIDENT

“The only good luck many great men ever had was being born with the ability and determination to overcome bad luck.” Channing Pollock  


Please come join us for our FFO Meeting this Friday, February 16th at 8:15AM in the Library. Stay in the know and hear about what is going at our AMAZING school. We will hear the Principal report from our one and only, Mrs. Davidson, as well as other events happening to give our children the best experience and opportunities here at Sunrise. 

Fatima Bravo (5th Grade Liaison/Lost & Found)

◦    What is your name? Fatima Bravo

◦    Position in FFO? 5th Grade Liaison & Lost and found

◦    Who is/are your kid/kids and grades? Max(1 immersion), William(6), Julian(7) Peabody

◦    Where were you born? Yuma AZ☀️

◦    What is your occupation? Sunrise Drive Tutor

◦    What do you like to do for fun? Crafting/spend time with my family

◦    What’s your favorite restaurant? Mr. Ans

◦    What do you love about Sunrise? Everything and everyone. Especially Mrs.Davidson, she is an AMAZING leader and the glue to our wonderful Sunrise community.

◦    Why did you join FFO? To be more involved with my boys school and to meet families.

◦    Where is one destination place you would love to go? Switzerland 

◦    What is one fun fact about you that you can share?  love cows and pigs! I was Micheal Jackson’s backup dancer.


Sunrise FFO would like to thank all the amazing families that donated food, items, and their time to make our Chinese New Year Celebration potluck a great success.

The staff enjoyed a beautiful and tasty variety of dishes .As always we can’t do this events without you. We are forever grateful for your love and support of our school.


Camille Rivera
(Staff Appreciation Coordinator)


Tuesday, February 20th: Jun Dynasty  11am-9pm

Whether you dine in or carry out, stop by Tuesday, 2/20 anytime from 11am-9pm and mention SUNRISE ELEMENTARY and they will donate 20% to our FFO. 

Next one coming soon....Mark it in your calendar! 

Wednesday, March 6th: El Charro Café Ventana 5 - 8 pm

Mathathon is HERE!

What: Mathathon is a huge fundraiser for Sunrise with 100% of the proceeds going directly to the school.

When: February 1 is the Kick-off. Please see the timeline below.

Why:  Sunrise Drive FFO raises tens of thousands of dollars for field trips, artists-in-residence, Community Garden, 5th grade legacy project and dozens of other campus programs through Mathathon. Our families achieve this while students have fun studying math — it’s a true win/win for Sunrise and students!

How: Students get pledges from family and friends for either (a) each math problem answered correctly on the Test Day (March 12), or (b) a flat amount.

  • February 1: Mathathon packet with pledge instructions will be sent home.

  • February 1 to March 11: Use test from take-home packet for practice - the more practice the better!

  • March 11: All “per problem pledges” must be received. Flat pledges can still be made after this date.

  • March 12: Test day! Remember, math is fun! 

  • April 2: All pledges must be completed online. Any money paid after this date will not be included in the calculation of prizes (though, of course, it will be accepted).

EVERY participating student will take home a prize, regardless of the amount they raise. Our goal is 100% participation. 

Let’s set a new record, Sunrise!


- Tracy Rea, Mathathon Coordinator


Rodeo Lunch and Dancing 

Wednesday, February 21 at lunch and recess

You are invited to join us for our annual fun Rodeo Lunch with dancing led by Ms. Dover on Wednesday, February 21st.  Students and families may bring lunch from home or purchase lunch. The student lunch menu will be a hamburger, carrots, fruit, chips and milk. The parent/non-student lunch will include a hamburger, carrots, fruit, chips and water.

Only student lunches will be sold on the day of the event with students scanning their lunch cards to purchase the meal. The cost for Sunrise Drive K-5 students is $3.25 which needs to be paid through their student account on the InTouch system online. 

All adult and non-student lunches need to be preordered. Adults and non-student lunches may be purchased for $5.00 which includes water or, if you don’t need lunch, water may be purchased for $1.00 via the Sunrise FFO Membership Toolkit website. 

You may place your orders for adults and non-students through Tuesday, February 13th before 6:00 PM on the Sunrise Drive FFO website: 

Rodeo Lunch Order 

Log in or create an account if you haven't done so, scroll down and click on the "Rodeo Lunch Order Form" link. Tickets for adult and non-student lunches will be sent home in marked envelopes on Tuesday, February 20th with the oldest sibling in the family.

The times for eating and dancing/recess are listed below: 

We will be looking for volunteers at our Rodeo Lunch. Please consider volunteering when your child is not scheduled to eat or dance.  A sign-up genius will be available and shared shortly.


Thank you for the approved grant for 2nd field trip, Fox 🦊 theater Giraffes 🦒 Can’t Dance. 

They had a great experience!


Have you tried out the BoxTops app? 

Have you sent info about the app to your family out of state? (YES!! They can help Sunrise too!) 


Download the app and scan all receipts to help accumulate box top cash for Sunrise. 



Follow these simple steps for Sunrise Box Tops:

Step 1) Download BoxTops for Education app

Step 2) Setup Profile & Add Sunrise Drive Elementary in Tucson as your school.

Step 3) Shop & scan your receipts to accumulate box top cash for Sunrise!


Instacart or online shopper? No problem! Just screenshot your digital receipt, go to “Contact Us” on app, and select “Submit Digital Receipt.” Then upload the screenshot(s) of your receipt. 


Thanks for helping Sunrise earn BoxTops cash! 



Feb 15: ½ day- Grading

Feb 16: Principal’s Breakfast: 5th -7-7:30 AM

Feb 16: FFO Meeting – 8:15 am

Feb 21: Rodeo Lunch

Feb 22-23: Rodeo Break – No School

Feb 29: Early Release


Mar 1: Steppers Fun Run

Mar 1: FFO Executive Board meets–8:15 am

Mar 6: Mathathon on-line donations due

Mar 6:  DINE OUT- El Charro Café Ventana 5 - 8 pm 

Mar 7: Mathathon Test Day

Mar 7: Early Release

Mar 13: Spring Picture Day

Mar 15: ½ Day Parent Teacher Conferences

Mar 15: Principal’s Breakfast: 3rd 7:00-7:30 AM

Mar 15: FFO Meeting – 8:15 am

Mar 21: Early Release

Mar 22: Mathathon *all* donations due


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