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SUBJECT: Sunrise FFO - Apr 2018 Digest


Sunrise FFO - Apr 2018 Digest Vol 3, Issue #7

Hello [First_Name]!

According to a district email earlier today, all CFSD schools will close beginning Thursday, April 26, and will continue to be closed until the Teacher Walkout ends. For more information, please visit Catalina Foothills School District or CFSD Families #RedforEd.

Additionally, the FFO General Meeting scheduled for this Friday, April 27th has been CANCELED. We hope you will be able to join us at our last meeting of the year on May 18th.  

With only one more general meeting this year, we are deep into planning for next year. And we’re looking for a few good men / women / parents / volunteers! Here are some of the FFO positions available next year:

  • 5th Grade Liaison (member of the FFO Exec team) 

  • Family Picnic & Play Chairperson

  • Lost & Found Chairperson 

  • Passive Fundraising Chairperson

  • Steppers Fun Run Chairperson

Check out the FFO website, sunriseffo.org/activity, to learn more about these tasks. If you think it might be for you (or if you want to talk it over with a human being), let me know!

Thanks for all you do for Sunrise! 

Kate Spaulding, FFO President 

Note: We respect your privacy and hope you welcome this monthly email. If not, please accept our apologies and kindly use the unsubscribe link or contact our communication volunteer, Tim Colson! Also, a big thank you to Abe Wu for assembling the digest every month!

The FFO organizes, operates, and communicates to all families and faculty the many Sunrise, CFSD, and community programs and events. We also generate funding to support the vibrant learning environment and our programs and events.

All FFO Meeting Agendas & Minutes are available for public review in our online archive. 

In this issue:

Spirit of Sunrise

"Donate" icon

Thank you Sunrise Drive community for your donations to Spirit of Sunrise! This school year your donations funded Kore chairs, the Kindergarten playground, artists-in-residence, along with field trips to Tucson Village Farms and the Reid Park Zoo. These are just a few of the amazing opportunities you made possible through your donations!

The money you share makes many extra-curricular possibilities available to our students! Please see the Grants At Work section below to see how donations were recently spent.

You can make a donation through sunriseffo.org/donate or the your custom link below to the MySchoolAnywhere store. The suggested amount is $50 per student; however, any amount is appreciated and all donations are tax deductible. Thank you! 


– Deborah Ardolino, VP of Development

Grants at Work!

The FFO grants program presents an important opportunity for staff and parents to work together to benefit the entire Sunrise community. By using FFO funds, we can expand Sunrise’s ability to meet specific educational needs of our children by paying for field trips, artists-in-residence, guest authors, the Sunrise Garden, and numerous other special programs for our students. 

Teachers, staff, family members and students may submit grant proposals to the Grants Chair who presents them to the FFO executive board for review. Exec-approved proposals are brought to the General FFO Meetings for discussion and a deciding vote.

boy on wobble seatApproved Grants

  • Artist-in-residence, Kate Hodges, Rainforest Masks, 3rd Grade, $1800
  • KORE Chairs for 4th Grade, General Fund, $1043

Proposed Grants

  • Reusable Chinese Calligraphy Supplies , General Fund, $750

For more information, go to sunriseffo/grants or contact us at grants@sunriseffo.org!

– Margaret Barber, Grants Chair

Chipotle Dine Out

Picture of burrito with text, School spirit tastes great

Come enjoy a delicious meal and help Sunrise Drive at the same time! Join us at Chipotle on Monday April 30 between 4-8 pm.

Make sure to tell the cashier you’re there to support Sunrise Drive, and our school gets 50% of any proceeds, as long as we get over $300 in total sales. So take a night off from cooking on Monday April 30, it’s for a good cause!

Address: 4774 E. Grant Rd., Tucson, AZ 85712 (Grant/Swan)

Science Fair and Science Day Recap

The Science Day and Science Fair were huge successes showcasing 130 projects! All 5th graders participated either individually or in small groups as part of their required curriculum. Many projects were submitted by students in Kindergarten through 4th grade too. 

The projects were judged by multiple community members with scientific or engineering backgrounds. Everyone was impressed by how hard the students worked on their scientific projects. Eighteen (18) projects were selected for the Southern Arizona Regional Science and Engineering Fair (SARSEF), held at the Tucson Convention Center April 11-13, where over 2,100 projects were on display! 

Addison in front of her project at the TCC

Addison in front of her project at the Tucson Convention Center. 

Our Science Inquiry Day had a packed schedule with presentations and activities from 23 different scientific disciplines, represented by various scientific organizations. It was a day of learning and fun for the students. We have received wonderful thank you letters and cards from students from all grades for the presenters. We’ll send the cards to the community organizations and scientists to personally thank them for their time.

Congratulations to the student projects selected for SARSEF:

  • Danielle Ben Dror (1) - Car Exhaust Chemicals Near My Home
  • Margaret Greta Barber (2) - Idle Free at My Elementary? - How Much Pollution from Vehicles is at My School?
  • Matheo Richman (3) - The universe of a waterdroplets - Out of the world Tardigrades
  • Yash Chauhan (4) - Free Electric Power from Mud
  • Aaron Handler (5) - What do dogs prefer?
  • Addison Levine (5) - Essential Oils
  • Brady Jeong (5) - Drop it like Hot!
  • Caitlin Dessent (5) - Learning a new language kids vs adults
  • Carson Ruiz (5) - What Kind of Human Food can a Venus Fly Trap Eat?
  • Dylan Rubio (5) - Frozen to fluid
  • Esteban Matzkin (5) - The effect of CO2 on plant growth
  • Haleigh Hinkle (5) - Hopping Hearts
  • John Donnelly and Nathan Sheinbein (5) - Hot Tub Time
  • Landon Chang (5) - Plants vs Ipads
  • Madeleine Hazzard (5) - How Does She Stick It?
  • Vivianna Colson (5) - Super Speedy Seeds
  • Weston McNerney & Sophia Novak (2) - Are some foods better than others for powering your body to run fast?
  • Zach Wagenheim (5) - Honey as a Preservative

Big thanks to our super parent volunteers! The Science Fair and Science Inquiry Day could not happen without their help. Thanks to Katrina Richman, Amy Courson, Jenny Dessent, Audrey Moeller, Val Colson, Margaret Barber, Shirley Parks, Jim Maland, Kristin Vanderford and Barbie Chang. Thank you to Katrina Richman who took out time to be a parent presenter along with the support she provided as a volunteer. Thank you to Principal Davidson for all her help and support for this event and to all the wonderful Sunrise teachers and staff for their cooperation.  

Sunrise Scientists Shine at SARSEF!

Eight of the Sunrise student projects (above) won awards which include trophies, plus checks for $30 to $50 for SARSEF Grand Awards, and up to $200 in cash/prizes from special Sponsor Awards! Wow!


student scientist 1


student scientist 2


student scientist 3Caitlin
  • Danielle Ben Dror (1) 
    • SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place
    • SARSEF Community Challenge Award
  • Greta Barber (2)
    • SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place 
  • Weston McNerney and Sophia Novak (2)
    • SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place
    • Saber Award Elementary
  • Yash Chauhan (4)
    • SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place
    • TEP Renewable Energy Awards 
    • The Len Herzmark Award of Engineering Excellence 
  • Vivianna Colson (5) 
    • SARSEF Grand Award: 2nd Place
    • Budding Botanist Award from Tucson Botanical Gardens
  • Caitlin Dessent (5)
    • Chinese Business, Language, and Culture Orientation
    • The Bookmans Love Of Reading Award
  • Haleigh Hinkle (5)
    • SARSEF Grand Award: 1st Place!
  • Carson Ruiz (5) 
    • Groot Award for Excellence in Plant Science

Congratulations to all of our Sunrise Scientists! 

Ritu Pandey, Science Fair Chair

Spring Fine Arts Gala

Come celebrate Sunrise’s Fine Art Gala on Friday, May 11, from 5:30-7:00 p.m. Visit the Student Art Show and Book Fair, have some dinner with friends while doing some crafts, and more! It will be a wonderful reminder of why Sunrise is such a great school, and should be a really fun night.

Please note there are going to be food and drink options available for purchase (pizza, bottled water, and Kona Ice), so if you plan to eat please bring cash. We will have the Garden open to visit and to plant a seed for fall, as well as a craft table. Also, although every child will have at least one art project on display, none of the art will be for sale. Your child will be bringing home their art project(s) by the end of the year, so just come enjoy the amazing display of Sunrise talent!

In order to make it a fun night for everyone, we will need volunteers willing to set up and/or clean-up and help with the craft tables. If you can help, please contact Kristy Doran (email).

5th Grade Promotion

graduation cap and diplomaFifth Grade Promotion will take place on Wednesday, May 23rd (date subject to change). The ceremony will be held on campus starting promptly at 8:30am, with a light breakfast immediately following. Parking will be a challenge, so if possible, please share a ride with your extended family.  

Attention 4th grade families: Please pay it forward! We are asking 4th grade families to volunteer to set-up and help out at the breakfast. This is a tradition that allows the 5th grade families to enjoy the ceremony and breakfast with their student. Signup for 5th Grade Promotion with your personal MSA button below:


Amanda Saffer, 5th Grade Promotion Co-chair

Mark your calendar!
  • Apr 27 (Fri) - FFO General Meeting - CANCELED
  • Apr 30 (Mon), 4:00-8:00 p.m.
    • Chipotle Dine Out (Grant/Swan)
  • May 11 (Fri), 5:30-7:00 p.m.
    • Spring Fine Arts Gala
  • May 18 (Fri), 8:05 a.m.
    • FFO General Meeting (last one of the year!)
  • May 23 (Wed), 8:30 a.m. (date subject to change)
    • 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony, Breakfast, and Celebration

See the full school calendar or volunteer from your MySchoolAnywhere App! 
(To add/update events on the calendar, please contact the school front desk.)